Arizona Zervas Blvd [foreign music]

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Cruisin’ down the Boulevard, going stupid hard
I’m just tryna take it, day by day
I still take the Uber car ain’t no superstar
But I think I’m really on the way yeah
Got a new fit yeah, I got a new chain
Got a new chick yeah, I got a new flame
I still get stressed out but I’m on the west now
Livin’ round here man its hard to complainI got some drink up in my system, yeah
Music bumpin’ out the system, yeah
I was feelin’ kinda low, feelin’ kinda low
But momma told me keep my chin up, yeah
So I go and hit the beach with my whole team
We might turn up for a week just to blow steam
Finally got a little cash so I’m livin’ fast
When we ragin’ no hope, we get no sleep, facts
And my Cali girls say I got a baby face
But I still get her wetter than a NAVY base
I swear we be fuckin’ for like 80 days
Yeah, I might just have to wife her on a rainy day
But it don’t rain in L.A
And all my friends are back home
Yeah, people change in L.A
But I’m still ridin’ slow, just


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